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Canada’s Capital city, Ottawa needs to build on recent immigration reforms

Canada’s Capital city, Ottawa needs to build on recent immigration reforms

Mar 21,2016

In Canada’s immigration system, its federal government announced some changes this week, which acts as a great boon for foreign students in Canada to reside and work after they graduate (who are a kind of immigrants, Canada is in need of). On the contrary, it even approved changes allowing the Sea-Food processors of Atlantic Canadian Zone to use immigrant workers in seasonal jobs replacing Canadian workers.   

TFW (temporary foreign worker) program and the PIS (Permanent immigration system) are the two important economic immigration channels that awards points to immigrants of prospective category. The previous government changed the rules of these two channels which were named to be substantial and are most likely to change the kind of Canadian inbound immigrants. 

TFW’s were substitutes for the Canadian Workers. There were some positive effects in the previous governments’ reforms in the immigration policy. Ever since the changes were made, the program limited the types of workers, the firms can bring in, including the screening process even more rigorous and to set an ES Cap on TFW’s, which removed major irritants under the previous system concerning Canadian TFW’s.

With the new seasonal exemption, TFWs will now compete with residents for seasonal jobs. Permanent immigrations were never substitutes for existing Canadians in the past because the norms in the points system never reflected the kind of business they were seeking. 

For the applicants who doesn’t have a job offer are going to face a harder phase. Whereas the new system rewards the candidates with a job offer in hand, concluding that the main intention of the ex- government’s drastic change was to create the express entry system. 

Even though they do have some unintended consequences, the programs were designed to better meet current labor-market demands, also safeguarding Canadian National job chances. 

In the prime, there was a great difficulty for the international students in Canada to become PR holders under the previous government. The main reason is that they will not have a job offer from a Canadian Employer. Graduating students from Canadian Universities are among the best candidates for immigration, who possess proven skills and are fluent in one of our language, who are able to integrate seamlessly into the roots of Canadian society. Not to actively seek them out as Permanent Immigrants would be a folly. 


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