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Canada Requires 182,000 IT People by 2019

Canada Requires 182,000 IT People by 2019

Mar 23,2015

According to an IT labor market report, Canada requires individuals totaling 182,000 in order to fill vacancies for computer and network operators, software engineers, information systems analysts and consultants, web technicians and others by the year 2019. There are an estimated 811,200 professionals in information, communication and technology who are presently working in Canada. However, Canadian provinces are in need of 182,000 people additionally. It will be a daunting task for employers to find individuals with the correct mix of business skills and talent. 

The jobs which were highly in demand were identified to be the following- Information systems analysts and consultants, computer programmers and interactive media developers, graphic designers and illustrators, database analysts and data administrators, computer and network operators and web technicians, software engineers, computer and information systems managers,.

Apart from the above mentioned jobs were some others too like- Web designers and developers, electrical and electronics engineers, systems testing technicians, electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians, computer engineers, user support technicians, broadcast technicians and telecommunications carrier’s managers.

The various Canadian provinces had different demands to be filled under ICT positions. British Columbia would have to fill 20,900 ICT positions in the coming five years. Next, would be Alberta with 17, 300 ICT positions, while Saskatchewan would need to fill in 3, 900 ICT positions. The province of Manitoba would be required to fill 4,000 ICT positions and Ontario, 76,300. Quebec would have to fill up the 49,600 ICT positions and New Brunswick would have to do so for 2,200 positions. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, showed 3,200, 1,500 and 3,800 ICT positions, respectively.

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