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Canada plans on accepting a historic number of new immigrants in 2016

Canada plans on accepting a historic number of new immigrants in 2016

Mar 10,2016

The Liberal government of Canada plans on welcoming up to 305,000 new permanent residents this year — the highest projected immigration level in decades, with a seven percent increase from 2015.

The increase in immigration numbers will be primarily through family sponsorship and refugee settlement programs, though most of the newcomers will arrive through economic immigration programs. The numbers of refugees to be accepted in 2016 will be double to 2015’s Target.

Stating Canada as a safe heaven, Minister McCallum has urged Fellow Canadians to welcome Refugees with open arms. Economic immigration, which is based on an individual’s skill and experience, presents an opportunity for immigrants to come to Canada through a variety of programs fetching a long-term economic growth.


Under the Family Class programs, the government aims to welcome 60,000 sponsored spouses, partners and children, as well as 20,000 parents and grandparents, by the end of the year. Take actions to reduce application processing times and implement effective methods.


“Newly set target and vision for a growth of the country in a sustainable manner shall promote diversity and growth” said Attorney.


The inventory of applications that existed prior to 2015 has been reduced over the course of the past year. This should allow the government to process a large number of applications made through Express Entry, while also in bringing those individuals to Canada more quickly, who can build a better Canada.


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