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Canada Labour Market Reports Shortage of Engineers

Canada Labour Market Reports Shortage of Engineers

Jun 30,2015

According to the report of "Engineering Labour Market in Canada: Projections to 2025”, there is huge gap in demand and supply of the qualified, experienced and skilled engineers across Canada. Due to the growing economy and the retirement of engineers, it is expected that nearly 1 lakh engineering opportunities will be generated in the next 5 years.

The most important factor that has been observed in the report is that there is huge gap in the availability of the skilled professionals. Since experienced engineers will be retiring in the coming years, there will be a huge deficit of experienced engineers by that time.  And these jobs can't be filled by freshers’ and less experienced personnel. This gap will throw a challenge for the economy and it is expected that intermediate or medium level engineers have to be hired to fill these posts.

The report suggests that the positions can be filled by the experienced Canadian Engineers who can move from one province to another and also from the engineers coming from other countries.

Other highlights of the report are as follows:

About 70% of jobs are going to be generated due to the retirement of Mechanical engineers in the coming 5 years. This will thus increase the total number of jobs to about 90%.

The report also identifies the average age of engineers working in various states and disciplines. For Civil Engineers, it is around 50 years in British Columbia and it is around 48 years in Manitoba. Therefore, these two states are expected to create more vacancies for Civil Engineer jobs, since most of the engineers are retiring from these two states in the coming years.

The stronger economy in the US, declining exchange rate and oil prices as well as increased investment indicate the strong economy in some of the state’s leading to the creation of job opportunities in the areas of manufacturing, utilities and mining.


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