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Canada doubles up on employment with 67,200 jobs

Canada doubles up on employment with 67,200 jobs

Oct 08,2016

Statistics Canada on 7th October 2016 said that Canadian job market has a healthy growth with 67,200 fresh jobs.

The latest job survey reveals that more and more people have entered the work force in September. Most wanted categories of full time work saw an up lift of 23,000 jobs.

This numbers revealed huge boost in employment sector last month this has increased the percentage in Canadian employment with over 7% compared to august.

As per the province wise we can see that Quebec saw the biggest increase in last month with 38,000 jobs followed by Ontario with 16,000 positions and New Brunswick gained around 4,000 job openings, British Colombia with 600 jobs.

When compared to the previous year this year had over all 138,000 job growth which includes 88,500 part time jobs.

The service sector also added 55,500 new jobs with much increase in public administration and education services positions. The goods industry also gained 11,000 jobs with construction and manufacturing departments.


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