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Brits escaping Brexit find Germany a top career destination

Brits escaping Brexit find Germany a top career destination

Oct 17,2016

As per a fresh report…Britons, who’re already readying their briefcases and bags in expectancy of Brexit, are choosing Germany as their preferred destination.  StepStone (which is an online international job board) published a survey earlier this week, which reported an estimated 600000 skilled workers from Britain who planned to relocate careers to a different country of the EU.

And by far, Germany was the prime choice of 44% of survey respondents, who listed ‘the Bundesrepublik’ as the unanimous desired destination.

France was the next close choice, after which comes Spain, followed by Netherlands and then, Ireland.

StepStone Germany’s director, Dr. Sebastian Dettmers, gave a statement saying - “One-third of highly skilled British workers can imagine themselves continuing their careers in another EU country, 600,000 are already concretely planning how to change their jobs,”

He further added, “Therefore Brexit has the potential to relieve the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. Businesses in Germany can profit from immigration and a strengthening of locations.”

The survey was conducted by StepStone on 40,000 workers of UK, Germany and Ireland to determine how people felt after the Brexit/EU referendum.


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