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Biggest Salary hike for UAE employees

Biggest Salary hike for UAE employees

Nov 18,2015


Biggest salary hike for UAE - (Dubai) employees by 8.9% in 2016. Employees who are holding in-demand roles as work experience are expected to get hike in their salary. Follow below to know about those demand roles, for which top businesses are looking for,

The UAE employees who worked for finance and accounting, financial services, information technology, legal and human resources and administration will have 1.7 %  hike in their salary on average next year. -- showed by the latest Robert Half 2016 salary Guide.

Employees who are working as internal managers for Auditors and Learning & development departments are estimated to enjoy the biggest increase of  7.9 % and 8.9 % of their salaries.
Robert Half’s associated director, Gareth E1 Mettouri, has notified that the companies are taking as challenge for  recruiting the highly demanded designations. Such as despite of uncertainty, they are ready to pay attractive packages for such demand designations by negotiating according to the employees.

E1 Mettouri told that, Businesses are vigorously seeking for the highly professional skilled employees for new roles. Due to increase in the need of these highly demanded initial roles in the market, the businesses are ready for the salary negotiation  according to the employee.


Pay hikes per sector

By the next year, within the financial services itself, expecting to raise in salary by 1.5%. However, employees holding the demand roles experience in compliance and private equity and asset management can expect to receive higher than the average increase.

The Biggest earnings in the industry for the next year will be most likely to the compliance managers, whose paycheques are expected to increase by 5%, including assistant vice president in private equity and asset management (raise of salary by 4.2 per cent) and anti-money laundering specialists ( increase of salary by 4.2 per cent).


Technology professionals, such as Network architects, senior business systems analysts, enterprise architects having more than 16 years of work experience are expecting to get hike more than 2 % in their salary pay. So, by the next year the technological professionals salary is to be increased by 1.1%.


Human resources and administration

 On average by 2016, the demand for the HR and administration professionals salaries are expecting  to  increase by 2.4 %.  The biggest earnings for the Learning and Development departments has 7.6 % hike, which is followed by the learning and development managers( 7.6 %), heads for the same department has 5 %  hike and for HR directors as 4 % increase in salaries. 

Legal services

Professionals having law degree background and also those who involved in handling the legal functions both in-house and for private practices are expecting to increase their packages by 1.4%. Initially, the preferences will be for the regional legal counsels by 2.6 % of hike followed by paralegals. Depending on the indviduals work experience their package increase will be between 2.3 % to 2.5 %.


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