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Better opportunities with more job vacancies in Australia

Better opportunities with more job vacancies in Australia

Oct 21,2016

With last year as a scale, Australian recruiters are hiring more this year, but skill shortages pose an obstacle with 38% decline.

Manpower group performed a survey in which openings in skilled trades, engineering and executive positions are a little tough to fill.

Figuring out the number of vacancies released by the Australian government on Wednesday, 159,300 jobs were made available in September as per the survey.

Online advertisements that are majorly available on SEEK, Career One and Australian job search does not make any difference to the labor market.

The survey revealed that managers, professionals, technicians and trade workers, administrative workers, sales, machinery operators have the upper hand in the market.  And territories like NSW (New South Wales), Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, the northern territory etc are the places with higher job openings according to the survey.

With respect to population size and economic performance, New South Wales and Victoria stand at the top of the chart with highest number of vacancies.

Although the job openings have fallen by 1.5% over the past, it seems like a good come back this year, but skill shortage is a major concern of the job market.


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