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Bank Jobs Rank Fourth in UAE

Bank Jobs Rank Fourth in UAE

Jan 02,2015

As per the newly published Deloitte Talent in Banking Survey for the year 2014, most business students from nearby universities of UAE generally prefer software firms, airlines and airports and the fast-moving consumer goods or FMCG sector for pursuing a career. The research analysis was carried out by Universum which is known since 1988 for seeking students’ intentions when it comes to making career choices. Banking jobs were ranked fourth position in the popularity list. When it comes to choosing a job, an optimum work-life balance and job security were the primary deciding factors.

A career in the banking sector, if channelized in the proper direction to meet the student’s expectations and goals, can work wonders. When it comes to choosing a banking job, an optimum work-life balance and job security were the primary deciding factors. According to the partner in charge of the financial services industry at Deloitte Middle East, Joe El Fadl, the other important things taken under consideration while working for a bank were proper attention and care to their career growth and continuous education, along with a friendly and conducive work environment. Apart from this, financial implications like pay schemes and performance-related bonus.

There’s good news for banks in the UAE that students with an inclination towards banking sector associate them with the characteristics they value highly and have certain expectations from them to perform well on job security and work-life balance. Also, a competitive basic salary structure ranked 22nd out of 44 attributes was considered as an aspiration factor. There wasn’t much difference in the top six career choices for business students which meant that even the banks faced competition when attracting talent. Banking sector held 10.2% at the fourth place.

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