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Australian Property Sector Creates Surplus Job Opportunities

Australian Property Sector Creates Surplus Job Opportunities

Feb 11,2015

As the construction sector receives a fillip and is experiencing a shortage of skills, a number of job openings are being highly regarded in the areas of carpentry, bricklaying and plumbing. These areas are such that require experts from abroad. Thus, highly skilled tradesmen are able to get visas to work in Australia. In addition to these, there is a deficit of commercial, admin staff and engineers in the building sector.

According to updated Hays Quarterly Report for the period between January to March 2015, Australia’s building industry received a great flourish in the year 2014 and is slated to continue in 2015 as well. Housing projects of new medium and high-density nature in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane in 2014 is going to create employment for skilled tradespersons and engineers in the coming year. The Hays Construction firm said that project managers, commercial contract administrators, tradesmen and structures forepersons will be highly required for these projects.

Adam Shapely, regional director of this construction company is of the view that with the increase in the approvals for more numbers of residential developments in the year 2014, more recruitment activity in the construction sector is expected. He also added that new commercial staff will be added to the companies that are looking to engage themselves more into construction activities in the current year. 

Projects of a larger nature will witness a rise in the demand for site staff such as finishes forepersons and structures. Other functions in great demand are those of experienced project engineers who work on projects worth more than 100 million dollars as well as residential building supervisors who are eligible to work in Victoria and South-East Queensland.

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