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Australian Job Market On The Rise

Australian Job Market On The Rise

Jun 25,2015

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) quarterly job vacancies report says that the job openings have rose by about 1.9 % in May, and thus the total vacancies have grown to around 7.1% when compared to the last year job statistics.


The report concludes that the job vacancies in both the public as well as private sector are increasing steadily.


Employment opportunities in private sector have increased by about 2.1% i.e, about 1, 42, 000 jobs have been generated. At the same time, around 12, 800 new jobs have been generated in the government sector.


The report also states that Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has recorded the maximum increase in job vacancies (25.1%).


On a yearly basis, Victoria State has seen a sea growth in generation of new jobs. On an average, there has been 26.5% growth of jobs.


While the Department of Employment job survey and ABS survey provides different versions on the increase in the number of jobs, both are of the view that there is a positive trend in the growth of the jobs when compared to the last year.


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