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Australian Industries Hiring Trends in 2015

Australian Industries Hiring Trends in 2015

Jun 29,2015

The year 2015 looks bright for people who are seeking jobs in Australia. The growing economy, lower rate of interest and booming construction industry have all contributed to the growth of the job opportunities across the industry sectors.

According to a survey, there will be huge opportunities in Building Trades, Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Medical and Healthcare and Education sectors. Among every 19 industries, at-least 16 industries are expected to increase their headcount by 2018. The survey also reveals that the trade industry is seeing huge dearth of qualified professionals and since the new generation organizations are making the most of technology, they are looking for people with niche skills in their profession.

Hiring Trends in Industries

Information Communication Technology

Since technology has become the integral part of our day to day lives, ICT professionals are in huge demand across the industries. The Department of Employment has predicted that there will be 12.8 % of growth in the ICT industry, by November 2018. In this, more than 20% of growth is expected in software engineering, network engineering areas.

Medical & Healthcare industry

The Medical and Healthcare industry is seeing sea growth since the ageing population is increasing dramatically. These people need quality medical and healthcare services which only qualified and experienced professionals can offer. As such, NSW government has predicted that the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 16.3% by 2018 November. Australia will be facing a shortfall of more than 1, 00,000 Doctors and Nurses by the year 2025.


The growth of population in Australia is putting immense pressure on the education system and training sector. The high rate of growth in population has driven the demand for qualified and experienced teaches across the disciplines. And since parents are trying hard to give the best possible education to their children, they are willing to spend huge amounts for organizations which provide quality education. According to the Australian Department of Employment, the education as well as training sector is estimated to see a growth of 13.3% by the year 2018 which will create around 59,000 jobs within a span of 5 years.

Design & Architecture

Architects and Design engineers are the sought after professionals in the construction industry. The booming economy has usurped the construction industry which is facing shortfall of Design engineers and Architects. In-addition, businesses are moving closer to sophisticated web environments and thus increasing the demand for digital designers.


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