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Australian companies polishing approach to staff due to immense demand in skills

Australian companies polishing approach to staff due to immense demand in skills

Oct 20,2016

Providing huge numbers of job openings, Australia is now concentrating on the official employment rate of the country.

That being said, the Australian work force is not fully utilized to its potential; there is some lack in the job market considering the skilled work force.  Job board members specified that Australian underemployment rate that captures workers who work for more hours, has had an increment over the past year.

When compared to previous years, these are the jobs that have high demand this year across Australia: Skilled trades, engineers, management/executives, sales representatives, IT staff, accounting and finance, health professionals, technicians, office administration, drivers.

But at present, due to large infrastructure projects across Victoria and New South Wales, mining and construction sectors have a jobs bonanza around the cities, also specialist skilled trades and engineers are in good boom.

With reference to the survey from more than 1500 employers around the country, job seekers with lack of experience (23%), less number of available applicants (21%) most importantly hard skills (20%), are the three major drawbacks for which Australian firms are unable to fill the positions completely. 

Organizations are more eager to invest in up skilling and traineeships.


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