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Australia’s IT Professionals are expecting to get hike in their salary in the next year

Australia’s IT Professionals are expecting to get hike in their salary in the next year

Nov 24,2015

Robert Walters, Associate Director, IT Melbourne, Ben Brown declared that an Australia’s IT Professionals, 67 % or 7 out of 10  are expecting to increase on their salary  in 2016. And 70 % of them are looking to change their roles by moving their jobs, Because of their career progression by 33% and an increase in salary package of about 29% are the two main reasons which makes them motivated and look for job change, this was declared by the Robert Walter’s recruitment consultancy who has made a survey of Australia’s IT Professionals.

He also added that in 2015, due to economic improvement conditions in their state an IT Professionals have faced delay on their salaries and because of this people are looking for a change in their roles to achieve their increase.  And now they are into strong belief of increase in their salary.

Brown told that, when it comes to job satisfaction and those who are looking for changing their roles, for them an IT Professionals good opportunities in their career progression. Apart from this offering a competitive salary to the talented professional is one of the important and benifited factor for them. To grab such competitive and beneficial opportunity an IT Talent must increase their focus on  their promoting genuine career pathways and they are also keeping in view on the current market scenario activities to over come from challenging activities.

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