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Australia bureau reveals statistical raise of white collar jobs

Australia bureau reveals statistical raise of white collar jobs

Sep 29,2016

Stats reported that in three months to august nearly 76,000 jobs were added among professional, scientific and technical services.

In administrative services, education, training and information media and telecommunications had an immense Growth. But compared to the health care industry has the largest contribution to employment growth.

Healthcare and social assistance industry remained Australia’s top ranking industries ruling the job market with 1.52 million jobs (nearly 13 per cent of all employment), Retail trade is the second largest employer with 1.22 million jobs (10.2 per cent) with construction third with 1.07 million (9 per cent).

In NSW the figures showed a demand as well as opportunities for job seekers with 179,400 jobs raise to 12 million. Almost 60 per cent of all regional jobs nationwide were doubled in NSW over the past 12 months.

But now days, non-routine jobs have become steadily more important. The Australian workforce may have a comparative advantage in many occupations in the non-routine category.


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