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Australia Announces New Jobs in Resource Sector

Australia Announces New Jobs in Resource Sector

Mar 20,2015

Here’s some good news for all the individuals who would like to work in Australia especially in the resources industry. The Australian resources industry is a growth area and offer employment opportunities for skilled employees. 

At present, a new report says that numerous new job opportunities could be generated in the industry via major workplace changes advocated by Australian Mines and Metals Association. 

Apparently, the impacts of the Australian workplace associations system on resource field efficiency as well as investment the proposed changes could combine to $30.9 billion to the country’s GDP as well as generate a maximum of 36,000 additional jobs.

It is also expected that changes could jointly support resource industry output growth a maximum of 5% and investment a maximum of 8%. This will boost national GDP by 2% and employment by 0.3%.

The chief executive of Australian Mines and Metals Association, Steve Knott, said that in real numbers, Australia could have $30.9 billion more in GDP as well as an extra 36,000 jobs if humble workplace reforms identified by resource sector. 

He said that this research takes reasonable, humble reforms to workplace system and also enumerates the important benefits to country’s employment, economy, as well as living standards.

During 2001 to 2012, the construction salaries in the Australian resources industry have increased at 2.5 times the nationwide average, two times as quick as Canada and thrice as swift as the USA.

He further revealed that the resource sector signifies 10% or $155 billion of the country’s GDP.  And, it works 2.3% of country’s workforce and a maximum of 10% in flow-on effects and indirect employment. 

Apparently it was also found that workplace associations change in the resource sector alone can raise real GDP by a maximum of $30.9 billion and increase employment with 36,000 jobs. 

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