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Around 54, 000 IT jobs unfilled in Canada

Around 54, 000 IT jobs unfilled in Canada

Sep 18,2015

According to a report of IDC Canada, nearly 54,000 job vacancies are to be filled in the Canadian IT industry.  IDC has also reported that there is lot of skill gap in Canadian IT industry and the need of the hour is to get the right resource at the right time and at the right price. 

In the year 2014, Canadian organizations have to shell nearly $1 billion to bridge the IT industry's skill gap.

IDC President, Schrutt has said that he was surprised to see the huge gap in demand and supply of the IT employees. He said that to bridge the gap, it’s better to hire overseas employees and also predicted that Canadian firms are expected to spend $960 million on training and hiring of contract employees from overseas.

IDC has conducted extensive survey and interviewed several Canadian organizations which are into hiring of contract employees from overseas and has released these findings.


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