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Around 11500 new jobs are expected

Around 11500 new jobs are expected

Oct 28,2015

According to the latest study around 11500 new jobs in 31key occupation are expected to be created . There is a huge requirement for Engineers , Technologists, Technicians and Geoscientists which need to be filled along with the present expected increase in key occupations.  Northern B.C and  Southeast is right now facing very high shortage in labout due to very small population in the area even though there is scope for billions of dollars being invested in resource projects.

As per the APEGBC research on occupation tittles like Engineers , Technologists, Technicians and Geoscientists to know and bridge the gap . Part of solution to fill the vacancies  include immigration . Most of the migrants settle  in the Lower Mainland , and  the main sources of supply for other regions of the province are workers who are moving out of the Lower Main land. More than 40 per cent of vacancies are to be filled by the workers coming from other countries on immigration.

Since the North and Southeast regions are particularly facing shortage of labor they are encouraged to adapt new innovative ways to develop the skilled talent for the key positions .
Companies and employers can use the research data and determine their requirement and take business decisions to support their recruitments demand.  This  data can also be useful for prospective career opportunities within the Asia Pacific Gateway.

This study was performed by Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table , Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC , Association of consulting Engineering companies British Columbia and Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia and was  funded partly by the government of Canada Sect oral  Initiative program to address the current and future skills shortage.  BC ministry of Tourism, Jobs and Skills Training is providing the additional aid to support the process. 

This research information  available on the new web site of Asia Pacific Gateway http:/www.lmionline.ca/projects/egtt, for the further labor market and also additional information is available on  http:/www.lmilonline.ca/news/. Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table has a non-profit regional partnership between labor, business and education/training institutions with a mission to have enough force with right skills and training to meet its needs. 

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia (ACEC-BC)ACEC-BC, formerly known as the Consulting Engineers of BC (CEBC), is British Columbia's provincial association of engineering consulting firms. ACEC-BC represents 90 of BC's consulting engineering companies which  provide engineering and other technology-based intellectual services to the public and private sectors. This association  is also charged with protecting the public interest by maintaining high academic , experience and professional standards for all its members.


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