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Almost 44,000 Job Vacancies Available in Alberta in December

Almost 44,000 Job Vacancies Available in Alberta in December

Apr 07,2015

Here’s some good news for the all the individuals who would like to work in Canada. Alberta - Canadian province has the maximum job vacancy rate. According to the Canada statistics, there were 43,900 vacant positions in Alberta during December, an average of three months. The job vacancy rate was 2.1%, fall from 2.3% previous year. 

The job vacancy rate is calculated as the number of vacant positions divided by total labor demand i.e. occupied positions in addition to vacant positions.

Across Canada, job vacancy rate has increased from 1.3% previous year to 1.5%, whereas the total number of available positions augmented from 202,500 to 232,800.

According to the federal agency, unemployment-to-job vacancy proportion in Alberta was 2.3, an increase from 2.2, whereas in Canada it fall to five from 6.2 previous year.

Human Resources Institute of Alberta (HRIA) has released its HR Trends study representing the present state of affairs in the Alberta’s labor market.

The HRIA stated that skilled employees remain to be a significant strategy in this economic decline. It also reported said employee income costs, ranges from $13,000 to $20,000 for each staff member, based on the organization size.

Apparently, there has been a 163% increase in the demand for management training during the previous five years and the trend demonstrates no indication of slowing down. 

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