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Advertising Creates 70,000 New Jobs in UK

Advertising Creates 70,000 New Jobs in UK

Mar 31,2015

Here’s some good news for individuals who would like to work in the UK. According to the new study, jobs in advertising are likely to increase twice the rate of the UK average, during the period of impending five years. 

The Advertising Association Research has recognized that British advertising would include over 70,000 new roles by 2019, with overall employed individuals likely to reach 434,000 by the same year.

The rise in jobs associated with advertising is set to be 14.2%, with 39,370 positions would be in the production, generation, and in-house roles. And this, 17% of jobs would based on media and 27% would be from advertising supply chain. 

The amount spent on the UK's advertising is set to rise 5.7% to more than £19 billion in this year, and robust growth is likely to be recorded in digital news, mobile and television on demand.

The chief executive at the AA, Tim Lefroy, said that throughout the digital economy, the innovative industries and beyond, investment in advertising is generating high-quality UK jobs for all the individuals from actors to analysts.

The IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) stated in the study, explaining the development as amazing news and added that the number of Creative Pioneers apprenticeships increased by two times year-on-year.

The executive director of Creative Pioneers and IPA director of marketing, Janet Hull OBE, has elucidated that new jobs and development are led by the demands of latest skill sets such as technology platforms, data as well as social media.

Ms. Hull elucidated how the IPA is initiating apprenticeships for individuals directly from schools as well as generating new chances for STEM graduates

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