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94% of BC construction employers hiring skilled workers 2016

94% of BC construction employers hiring skilled workers 2016

Feb 25,2016

According to Construction Industry Survey by the BC Construction Association, in partnership with Progressive Contractors Association and Construction Labour Relations has released the latest report that the British Columbia’s construction industry is hiring the skilled workers back to the province from Alberta and mostly young people are entering the trades in 2016.
The survey has found that 45% of employers hired a worker last year that came directly from working in Alberta's oil and gas sector. Since 2014, 15% of young workers are choosing direct into the construction trades from high school.

The BCCA President Manley McLachlan shares his word that, now the number of construction projects are in underway and for its sustainable growth, it is hiring the British Columbians again. As this message sinks with the youth and their family members. Their career in this trade is the great choice to balance on both in career growth and staying back with their family members. This is helping BC employers has succeeded in a very mobile and highly competitive in the labour market, but there is much more work to do to fill the skills gap.


According to the key economic data survey of 2016 in healthy and expanding sector, confirms that the continual success rear on the horizon for BC’s $8.1 billion in the construction sector.  Two-thirds of workers in skilled trades are now over the age of 45 and in their wake there are not enough new people entering the field. These demographic trends and the success projection are increasing in construction activity to support forethought for the future productivity and to improve the manpower by creating a 15,000 worker shortfall.
McLachlan said that to avoid the shortage of labour workforce and to increase the manpower, economic growth and productivity of BC, government need to continue to work together with skill-up BC's workforce.

This 2016 survey has also conveyed the complete report on the date of trade wages and salaries in BC's construction sectors.  As 94% of BC construction employers said that they are planning to hire predominantly for fulltime positions in 2016. 50% of employer respondents reported that they are ready to offer higher wages than 2015. 88% of entry-level workers are happy with their wages now. 44% of apprentices received a raise in 2015 and $56,170 is the average annual salary of the BC construction industry worker. McLachlan also added that the skilled workers are the backbone of the industry and tight supply is making it a worker's market. Employers need to focus on retaining the talent they have.


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