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9 Out of 10 Companies Still on a Hiring Spree in The UAE

9 Out of 10 Companies Still on a Hiring Spree in The UAE

Jan 30,2015

In the UAE, hiring of employees is more rampant in the private sectors like those of banking and finance, hospitality, healthcare services and retail. These companies show the greatest demand. With the falling fuel prices, the need for employees getting recruited in the oil and gas industry is lowering. However, in general demand for new recruits has risen. According to a new research, nine out of 10 companies are hiring additional staff.

A survey conducted by Reach Employment Services encompassing 200 companies in the UAE found that 91% of employers were on the lookout for calculative hiring of talented individuals in 2015. They ascribed this positive trend in hiring to the booming business and investment confidence as well as more number of job opportunities arising from Dubai playing host to the 2020 World Expo. The government there is also making provisions to transit to an economy which is knowledge-based.

Andrew Croft, Deputy CEO of Reach Employment Services said that talent acquisition and employee increase are going to be the main things on which companies will focus in 2015. Croft also added that almost 73 companies were also looking to hire women having children. These UAE-based companies had flexible working models for such women. In order to get a more flexible workforce, about 40% of the surveyed companies expressed their interest in outsourcing staff.


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