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457 visa holders to be affected by new rules starting Jan 2017

457 visa holders to be affected by new rules starting Jan 2017

Dec 20,2016

If you hold a 457 visa, have school-going kids and live in South Australia, the following information is for you.
South Australia’s state government has advocated a contribution fee on public education for 457 visa bearers.  

This would affect the families of 457 visa bearers, whose children go to South Australian public schools. This change will significantly affect a large number of Indian families residing in South Australia, because they are the 2nd largest category, to have 457 visas, following China.

These intended changes are directed towards piloting South Australia in conformity with other states & territories of Australia, to streamline public education contributions. 

 January 2017 onwards, all newcomers with 457 visas will need to contribute towards the education costs of their kids in government schools. This requisite will later be extended to all 457 visa bearers from 1st Jan 2018.

The charges payable would depend on family conditions and the payment will be made while a child or youngster is admitted into a government school.

The payable yearly contribution on a 457 visa for 2017, by a family residing at South Australia, would be $5,100 for each primary school student and $6,100 for a high school student.

This tariff would be imposed for the oldest child of a family, and the fees for other siblings would attract a discount of 10%. The proposed reform would enable parents to choose upfront payment of the contribution yearly, per term, per semester or in orderly installments.

The fee won’t be charged in case the total family’s income is less than AUD $57,000.

A means-test would be utilized, so that a household with only one child in school won’t need to pay the complete contribution rate until the gross family income amounts to $77,000. The threshold for maximum payable fees has been increased by $10,000 for every additional child.

For the first year, this new fee will apply only to people who arrive in South Australia from 1st January, 2017.

January 2018 onwards, it will be applicable to all 457 visa bearers residing in the state, despite when they arrived.


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