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10th Express Entry Draw 2016 with above 500 CRS

10th Express Entry Draw 2016 with above 500 CRS

May 09,2016

Canada express entry 2016- The immigration authorities organized 10th round of invitations, 799 applicants have been invited to apply for permanent resident. This is the first draw of 2016 to climb CRS score above 500 points 

The comprehensive ranking system (CRS) points required for the candidates to apply for is 534, increase in points compared with previous draws that took so far in 2016.

Candidates with eligible CRS score can submit their profile to express entry pool .the Canadian government picks up the candidates with highest CRS scores when it conducts its regular draw from pool. Candidates who received invitations to apply for permanent resident will have 60 days to apply a complete application, through which Canadian government process the applications in six months.


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