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10 million Canadians must have a skill of “coding”

10 million Canadians must have a skill of “coding”

Oct 15,2016

Well, With reference to the present scenario they will be shortage of more than 200,000 information and communications technology (ICT) workers in Canada by 2020. These figures, published in the 2016 ICTC Digital Talent Strategy Report.

As the technology is taking a great change, Canadian people need to brush up with their technology skill sets that makes them survive in this era of sophisticated technology.

Canada’s capability to retain its position as a significant contributor to the global economy is contingent on our collective willingness to invest in remodeling digital literacy among Canadians now, equipping them to participate fully in our digital world.

Coding education in youth is considered as a unique competitive advantage with minimum standards. The good news is that Canada is exclusively positioned to rise to the occasion and become a world leader in computer science education. It has expertise, the infrastructure and every other resource that is capable in developing coding education strategy.

Canada has already been out-paced by countries such as Estonia, Britain and Australia. The needs of Canada are daunting. But I believe that, under the supervision of a central body tasked with unifying the efforts and resources of the public, private, and non-profit sectors, we can revolutionize computer science education in Canada and leave a legacy whose positive reverberations will be felt by generations to come.


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