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Unity Developer-Singapore

Unity Developer-Singapore

Nov 11,2016

Job description

Our Singapore team is hiring a few programmers who have proficiency in Unity and C# to work on high-quality VR projects together with us.We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, restorative, organized, detail-oriented, open-minded, and user-focused. Expect a lot of R&D opportunities with latest technologies and devices that are relevant to our content production and system development.



Previous experiences developing apps for Android and iOS systems is highly favourable
Experiences with multi-user projects and client-server communication is highly favourable
Game design experiences (double bonus for multi-player game design);
Previous experiences in VR/AR content development and/or specific understanding of VR/AR;
An entrepreneurial mind which finds excitement pioneering in a nascent industry that draws on multiple existing industries.



3+ years of professional programming experiences;- Strong knowledge of C# and Unity API;
Proficiency in object-oriented design, data structure, and algorithm;
Ability to manage your own time effectively with minimal supervision;
Proactive problem solving skills with attention to details;-Good communication and interpersonalskills;
Willingness and capability of learning new skills as required;
Programmers based in Singapore needs to be Singaporeans/SPR.



Good level of command of either English (written and spoken)or Chinese (written and spoken)or both.

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