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Sr. Software Development Engineer-Markham-Canada

Sr. Software Development Engineer-Markham-Canada

Jan 06,2017

Job Description

Design, development, validation and maintenance of Multimedia Firmware, Device Drivers, APIs, SDKs and Apps for current and future generations of Accelerated Processing Units (APU).

Key Responsibilities

Design and implement device driver and firmware for AMD APU products
Design and implement Multimedia functionality to support new HW, SW or OS specifications
Reproduce, debug and resolve graphics driver issues with specific hardware and software contexts
Design and develop test applications and quality assurance programs

Qualification Required

University Degree or Post Graduate Degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Software Engineering
Strong C/C++ programming skills
Extensive Multimedia (video codecs, color formats, video algorithms) experience
Object Oriented Programming knowledge and skills
Embedded Programming knowledge and skills
Experience with x86 / ARM CPU architecture and System-On-Chip bring-up
Working knowledge of GPU and/or APU
Kernel Mode Debugging skills, experience with WinDbg, SoftICE, etc.
Troubleshooting, ability to triage and root cause issue


Video CODEC decode/encode, HEVC, H.264, WMV8/WMV9, VC-1, MPEG4, VP7/VP8/VP9, SVC
Video processing and enhancement algorithms
OS, Kernel, DDK, SDK, Multimedia, Direct3D, OpenGL, OpenCL knowledge and/or experience
DirectShow(DShow), DirectX-VA(DXVA 1/2, DXVA-HD), XvMC, OpenMAX, VAAPI, VDPAU
Video processing and enhancement algorithms
Familiarity with Perforce, Remedy, Jira
Leadership and mentoring skills
Be able to independently drive tasks to completion

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