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Software QA Engineer-Mississauga-Canada

Software QA Engineer-Mississauga-Canada

Jan 06,2017

Perform software validation and verification to ensure that application meets requirements and functions properly. 

Design, develop, execute, and maintain test scripts and certification scripts.
Maintain automated test scripts using automated test tool.
Conduct manual, automated and /or semi-automated functional testing.
Conduct performance, volume and stability testing identifying unacceptable behaviour in response time, throughput, and hardware/software bottlenecks.
Conduct compatibility tests with third party software, hardware and network equipment.
Conduct usability GUI testing.
Conduct PCI PA-DSS compliance testing.
Identify, analyze, and report defects, questionable functions, errors, and inconsistencies in the applications.
Re-test on defect fixes to confirm resolution.

Set Up Test Environment And Maintain To Ensure Functionality Of Products In Customer Environment Before Release/delivery Of Products
Setup test environment, configure products, including hardware, software, and databases. etc.

Perform pre-certification and/or certification testing.
Understand what is required for (pre-) certification and what the merchant will be supporting.
Prepare for bank certification by reading all bank specifications and creating certification scripts.
Test product using certification scripts through the bank simulator and with the bank.
Analyze variances/issues occurred during the (pre-) certification process.
Coordinate activities between vendors and authorizers to meet certification deadlines.
Perform PCI DSS/PA-DSS Compliance Testing to ensure compliance with company policy.

Follow internal release management process to ensure quality and consistency between software release versions.

Provide Support To Ensure Delivery Of Product Is Functioning As Per Customer Specifications

Provide assistance to Customers and internal resources to investigate production issues for in-depth problem analysis, determination, and resolution.



5-10 years of experience in Quality Assurance

3-5 years of experience in the card payment industry

Basic batch scripting experience and algorithms

Qualification Requirements

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform the essential duties and responsibilities of the job. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and abilities required. Employees who do not possess the requirements for a job at the time of hire are expected to attain the skills, knowledge and abilities required within a specified period of time as agreed upon, in writing, with the hiring manager. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Knowledge of Point of Sale

Knowledge of EMV transactions processing

Knowledge of the EMV Tools (ICC, Collis)

Knowledge of relational databases



Excellent problem solving and analysis skills;
Ability to work under stringent deadlines;
Ability to multi-task;
Attention to details, organized and structured
Good oral and written communications skills;
Ability to work independently as well as part of a team;
Strong facilitation skills;

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