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Software Engineer - Wufoo-Ottawa, Canada

Software Engineer - Wufoo-Ottawa, Canada

Nov 08,2016

Job Description

About SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the world's leading provider of web-based survey solutions, and we’re looking to transform the way people make decisions. We're a smart, passionate group of people who work hard to deliver the best survey experiences on the planet, period. We believe everyone deserves easy access to the information and insights they need to make better, more informed decisions.

We're also proud to admit that despite our incredible growth over the past 17 years, we refuse to grow up. We stay curious. We believe in good ol’ roll-up-your-sleeves scrappiness. Everyone plays an impactful role, because we’re here to make a difference. And when we say good ideas can come from anyone, we mean it.

SurveyMonkey is trusted by millions of customers, including 99% of the Fortune 500, as well as other businesses, academic institutions and organizations of all shapes and sizes. We collect 3 million survey responses daily from people in all countries around the world.


The Role

SurveyMonkey is growing! We’re looking for engineers that don’t just love solving challenging technical problems, but care about who we’re solving these problems for. We work closely with our product owners and our customers, iterating quickly to ensure we build the best solution for our users. In addition to scaling our website, we are looking for engineers who can solve problems from end to end. Our engineers contribute to the full stack of development, from data and schema storage to interactive JavaScript, and everything in between.

As part of our Ottawa R&D team, you'll work closely with product managers, fellow software developers and designers to build new features and enhance current offerings in SurveyMonkey's core software product. Every engineer here at SurveyMonkey gets a chance to contribute cool and innovative new features that hit production fast, so you'll have plenty of chance to watch as features you worked roll out and help improve the lives of literally millions of users.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Consistently deliver readable, maintainable and efficient code.
Troubleshoot programming problems independently and in peer groups.
Solve unique, complex, high scale technical problems
Participate actively in Scrums, sprint planning meetings, and sprint retrospectives.
Rapidly mockup a proof-of-concept implementation of an idea and present to internal partners.
Writing application test scripts and automating test executions.
Staying informed of new tools, libraries, and standard methodologies and sharing ideas with the team for continuous improvement of the tool-chain and development process.


Minimum Qualifications:

An undergraduate degree in Computer Science and 5+ years of programming experience; or, 8+ years of programming experience.
In-depth, hands-on knowledge of Python or PHP and experience working with the relevant tools.
A strong foundation in writing SQL scripts and modeling databases. Experience should come from more than one flavor of SQL.
Solid understanding of the fundamentals of REST APIs and the HTTP protocol.
Solid understanding of the JavaScript language and of the tools and code libraries commonly used for JavaScript development on the client and server-side.
Experience committing and merging code using GIT commands.
Proficiency with using the command-line on Linux systems.
Be self-motivated and have a strong work ethic; willing to go the extra mile when it's crunch time
Have a passion for building highly functional and user friendly software.


Preferred Qualifications:

Experience building high-traffic websites
Experience with responsive design and building mobile-friendly applications
Experience coding around various external service APIs
Agile, test driven development, continuous builds, and frequent deployments
Material contributions to open source projects
Linux (Ubuntu) configuration and administration
Experience with React, Node.js
At SurveyMonkey, we offer competitive salaries, medical/dental benefits, PTO, Pension contribution and equity compensation.

SurveyMonkey is an equal opportunity employer.

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