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Software Engineer-North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Software Engineer-North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jan 06,2017

Position Description:

We are seeking to recruit a talented software engineer to develop our embedded, desktop and cloud applications. The right candidate loves modern C++ and loves to write high-performance data processing, rendering and image processing code.
The candidate will work with our software and hardware engineers and do complete “full stack” development. From embedded systems to data processing to 3D rendering to cloud services.
Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

Implement the 3D visualization engine in C++ on windows
Implement computer vision/image processing algorithms on an ARM SoC embedded Linux platform
Implement data processing pipeline code for post processing ultrasound data for defect detection.
Implement efficient data streaming algorithms for a responsive end user experience while browsing data sets that contain hundreds of gigabytes of information.
Implement stateless web services in C++ including database communication.
Implement cloud services on Amazon Web Services including deployment and configuration.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related field
2-10 years C++ experience (rough guideline only, candidate dependent)
C++11/14 and Boost experience

Bonus Qualifications:

DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan/OpenCL/CUDA experience
Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Vision experience
Web Services and Database development experience
Amazon Web Services experience
Comfortable with Linux and Windows development


Competitive salary
Full benefits
Up to 8-weeks vacation (yes 40 days!)

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