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Software Engineer for SDR-Ottawa-Canada

Software Engineer for SDR-Ottawa-Canada

Jan 06,2017

Typical Duties Include, But Are Not Limited To, The Following

Design, implement and integrate software as follows:
Design and implement DSP algorithms in C++ and Python programming languages for wireless communication systems such as 802.11, 802.16 or 3GPP
LTE on a prototype SDR platform;
Design software interfaces with Graphical User Interface (GUI);
Design software modules for the control and communication with laboratory test equipment;
Create software testbed(s) to verify, test and validate the designed DSP algorithms;
- Document the test scenarios and test plans for simulation testing, laboratory testing and field trial experiments;
Provide subject matter expertise on software development regarding protocols, standards and guidelines with regards to the overall system integration;

Specialization And Skills

Software Development C > 10 years

Priority Requirements: The proposed resource has a minimum of a College Diploma in programming, computer science or engineering from a Canadian Institution or equivalent (Must-have)
The proposed resource has a minimum of five years of experience within the last ten years from the date of bid closing with programming in C or C++ programming language. (Must-have)
The proposed resource has a minimum of one year experience within the last five years from the date of bid closing with software design of Software Define Radio platforms. (Must-have)

Work Environment: NCR

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