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Software Engineer - Christchurch - New Zealand

Software Engineer - Christchurch - New Zealand

Jan 12,2017

Measures Of Success
Performs software engineering within the process framework established for the project. This framework will describe how requirements are developed and analyzed, how changes are made to requirements, how engineering work will be planned and tracked, how testing will be performed, and the criteria by which the performance of the project will be measured. Contributes to the continuous improvement of these processes.
Prepares test and diagnostic programs, designs test procedures, fixtures and equipment (as required). Develops test automation of system and software. Perform formal periodic test reviews.
Documents methodology for test requirements, plans, procedures, and results. Ensures the quality and accuracy of test documentation
Participates in standing New Product Introduction (NPI) meetings and analyzes new product technology. Completes specifications and procedures for new products that complement automated test strategies. Creates proposals, with rationale, for tests.
Works with the project team, with the application domain experts (e.g., application engineers, technical marketing) and possibly with the customers, to establish achievable requirements.
Works with the project team to identify/clarify project goals, establish useful milestones, and develop a breakdown of the engineering tasks to be performed. During the development process, develops engineering effort/schedule estimates to support overall project scheduling, project tracking, and change control decisions
Creates software designs, and implements and tests those designs to meet established requirements
Participates in technical/design reviews as required by the project framework
Maintains and archives design documents, source code, and other work products necessary for the project
As necessary, works independently or with quality assurance personnel to plan and execute product testing
As necessary, performs or enables the ongoing support of software through the creation of design documentation or the performance of defect isolation and resolution
Works with the author of product documentation to assist in the development and review of product documentation
As necessary, provides engineering work products and documentation to manufacturing and document control as necessary for successful product release
Other duties as required and requested by management

Skills & Experience Required
Minimum 5 years' experience in the software development field
Experience with a variety of development languages & environments: Python, C++, Javascript, Android, Linux
Strong capability in the production of robust automated test systems
Experience with testing with Hardware in the Loop (HIL) an advantage
Familiarity with working in an Agile team structure and across multiple sites / time-zones

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