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Software Engineer - Basingstoke, Hampshire - United Kingdom

Software Engineer - Basingstoke, Hampshire - United Kingdom

Jan 12,2017

Role Profile:

Applications software engineer for our network management product
Design and implementation in python under Linux in a microservices architecture
Integration with open source and third party software components
Handling communication protocols between software components and with remote devices
Testing software components, test automation

Essential skills and experience:
Motivated to work to a high standard and to project deadlines
Attention to detail, able to produce reliable and maintainable code
Able to analyse and work with third party source code
Good communicator and able to work within a multi-site development team
Able to produce clear documentation
Able to work and communicate effectively as part of an engineering team.
Python programming (especially v3+)
Familiar with docker
Familiar with Linux as a development and target environment
Defining and using API’s between software components

Desired skills and experience:
Unit and integration software testing with Python (Pytest etc)
Experience with Micro-Service architecture
Experience with RESTful API design & implementation, particularly Swagger/OpenAPI and Python's flask library
Experience with Jenkins or equivalent CI systems, particularly Jenkins Pipeline jobs
Experience with mySQL and/or Elasticsearch
Experience with RabbitMQ
Knowledge of IP protocols and network management protocols
Working knowledge of object oriented design
Working in an agile environment
Degree in a computing / engineering discipline
At least three years proven experience

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