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Software Engineer 3 - Singapore

Software Engineer 3 - Singapore

May 30,2017

Typical responsibilities include: 


+ Design, development, and testing of features/functions delivered via applications and services 
+ Collaborating with peers and senior developers both within the team and across the organization 
+ Working with product managers and User Experience Designers using agile methodologies to deliver high quality solutions in a fast-paced environment 
+ Working with operations teams to ensure your applications and services are highly available and reliable 
+ Supporting your applications and/or services as and when required on a 24x7 basis 


Successful Application Engineers will: 


+ Be driven to get results and not let anything get in your way 
+ Have the customer in mind always, working to provide great experiences first and foremost 
+ Be proactive and anticipate/handle most issues before they blowup 
+ Exhibit a strong ownership and challenge the status quo when needed. Demonstrate a high level of curiosity and keep abreast of the latest technologies 
+ Show pride of ownership and strive for excellence in everything they do 


Job Requirements: 


+ 6+ years of professional software development experience 
+ Strong, demonstrable experience with Kraken.js, Node.js, JS functional style programming 
+ Experience in tech stacks like NodeJS, Java, PHP/Magento, Python and Ruby 
+ Exposure to JavaScript libraries like ReactJS, Angular, JQuery, Backbone etc. 
+ Experience in building and consuming RESTful APIs 
+ Exposure to developer operations concepts and tools such as server provisioning, Ansible/Chef/Puppet or Docker 
+ Exposure to working with Relational and No-SQL databases, and message queues/brokers 
+ Experience with Unit testing, Continuous Integration and Functional testing 
+ Proven Experience in coding highly scalable, global products designed for multiple devices and user experience considerations - Mobile friendly, RWD/AWD, Accessibility, Internationalization, Localization 
+ Competent in design/implementation for reliability, availability, scalability and performance 
+ Competent in software engineering tools and best practices. 

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