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Software Developer - North Charleston, South Carolina - USA

Software Developer - North Charleston, South Carolina - USA

Jan 16,2017

Develop and maintain custom built applications to support CND analysis and incident response (i.e. SIEM, Database, ticketing system, etc).
Employee will work with a team of developers to support CND analysis and incident response tools.
Meet regularly with analysts and administrators to understand reporting process, data inputs, and address bugs/issues.
The CNDSP uses a custom in-house developed SIEM to collect data inputs primarily using API feed.
Developers will work with analysts to develop applications based on necessary workflows.
This includes Back End and Front End development using Python, jQuery, Boostrap, JavaScript, PHP and other tools.
The software development environment is fast-paced and team oriented.
Support the graphic design and front end development needs of the team
Deliver best-in-class HTML5/CSS3 Apply design and UX principles to create mockups and interaction flows

Required Skills 

Required Experience 
7+ years of experience as a software developer/engineer
LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP/Perl/Python)
Basic knowledge of server-side scripting using Python (2.7+)/PHP Basic Linux skills
Extensive knowledge of JavaScript (jQuery, DOM, event handling, document manipulation, etc...)
Strong background in Web 2.0 technologies and frameworks (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery)
Skilled with various image development/editing software such as Photoshop and Illustrator Demonstrates creative, technical, and analytical skills
Familiarity within an Agile development team
Understanding of site optimization, browser and device compatibility
Understanding of UI/UX best practices and standards

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