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Site General Manager - Edmonton, AB - Canada

Site General Manager - Edmonton, AB - Canada

Jan 24,2017

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, you will be responsible for the safe provision of all Operations and Maintenance Services for the Edmonton Valley Line LRT. Structured as a fully integrated O&M Joint Venture, of which BT is the lead and majority stakeholder, you will be an employee of the TransEd O&M General Partnership, and will represent the interests of all partners. You will lead a dedicated on site O&M team, and have responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the services to meet the requirements of the Services Agreement with the Special Purpose Vehicle, TransEd, including safety, financial and system performance management based on the City of Edmonton Project Agreement. Monthly and Quarterly, the Site GM will be responsible for the preparation and presentation of a performance report for the TransEd O&M General Partnership Board, represented by menbers of each of the O&M partners. You will continuously evaluate optimization and performance improvement opportunities. You will be the routine day-to-day operational interface with the City of Edmonton and the existing Edmonton Transportation System (ETS).

In your role you will:

- Provide leadership for the TransEd O&M General Partnership on site team, ensuring effective collaboration across functions enabling the safety and reliability provision of services per contractual requirements.
- Be the interface with City of Edmonton and ETS regarding all routine day to day requirements, including the presentation of monthly system performance reports
- Interface with TransEd O&M General Partnership Board on a routine Monthly / Quarterly basis and as required
- Continuously evaluate optimization opportunities and performance improvement strategies across all aspects of the services
- Do the Financial Management, ensuring OMJV partner margin expectations are realized


As our ideal candidate:

- You hold a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Discipline, Transportation Planning, Urban Planning, Computer Information Systems, or related field;
- You cumulate a minimum of fifteen (15) years of Operations and Maintenance and Projects experience and at least ten (10) in a Management / Leadership role;
- You possess practical experience in Asset Management philosophy, including detail of principles of ISO 55001;
- You have good knowledge of MS Office Package;
- You possess excellent solving problem skills;
- You have an advanced knowledge of transit system O&M requirements across all assets including wayside, infrastructure and vehicle equipment;
- You demonstrate good interpersonal, management skills and techniques;
- You are resourceful and creative;
- Your teamwork skills are strong;
- You are persuasive;
- You are customer service oriented;
- You possess excellent English communication skills, both written and spoken.

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