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Senior Software Engineer, Javascript Node.js-Vancouver, Canada

Senior Software Engineer, Javascript Node.js-Vancouver, Canada

Nov 08,2016

Job Description

About Us

Google eSports and you'll find multi-million dollar prize pools, packed stadiums (Staples Center, Madison Square Garden, Seoul World Cup Stadium), and millionaire pro-players. At an estimated 250M active players, it is second only to soccer, as the most popular sport in the world.

When the US government recognizes eSports players as professional athletes, it must be real, right? (http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2013/07/14/the-u-s-now-recognizes-esports-players-as-professional-athletes/)

We are leading this seismic evolution in sports.
- Battlefy is the esports platform trusted globally by game studios, publishers, brands, and leagues to create, market, and scale organized gaming competitions.
- Battlefy is used by 10,000+ eSports organizations globally (game studios, publishers, brands, and gamers) to produce professional tournaments and leagues without the need to build scalable infrastructure. 
- We grew 780% last year and our growth is only accelerating. 
- We are backed by gaming and media industry vets. (battlefy.com/advisors)

You Are

- A passionate technologist that owns delivery from concept through to completion
- An expert at communicating, knowing exactly how to collaborate with sales, marketing, UX and product managers
- A relentless advocate for engineering excellence, dedicated to coaching and mentoring others
- Often uncompromising, but ruthlessly pragmatic in making data driven decisions
- Constantly curious, always looking to simplify process, learn from your mistakes and increase your knowledge
- Against micromanagement, endless meetings and imposed unrealistic timelines

You Will

- Engineer scalable and maintainable software to meet the application and infrastructure needs of the Battlefy community
- Wear many hats working across Engineering, DevOps and Automated Testing
- Continually set personal and professional goals and do everything in your power to surpass them
- Grow the Battlefy culture, from posting to #dev about good engineering patterns to playing video games and competing in eSports tournaments, you embody our values of one team, sportsmanship and community

Your Experience

- You are successful, having shipped scalable SaaS products that you are incredibly proud of
- You have worked in a fast growth environment where your pace and hustle was key to getting thor e right things done
- You are a veteran of scaling software, infrastructure and processes to support high concurrency traffic patterns
- You know what technical debt is pragmatic and when to make tradeoffs between architectural purity and reality
- You either know or are able to demonstrate that you can master the following:

Node.js or Vanilla Javascript ES6+
Mocha, Jasmine, QUnit or other JS testing frameworks
AngularJS or similar Javascript MVC frameworks
MongoDB, Redis
AWS services such as EC2, S3, ELB and EB
- You are experienced in modern delivery practices and tools, be it running a daily scrum, using Kanban boards as information radiators or rapidly iterating to achieve a MVP
- You have at least 5 years engineering experience in software product companies. For at least 2 of these years you were in a role similar to this one

Bonus Points if you…

- Are experienced in organizing and playing in eSports tournaments
- Attempted (even if it failed) your own venture
- Have relevant professional experience in UX, Marketing, Sales or Product Management

At Battlefy, you will be instrumental in fostering the team to rise up and become legends. While doing so, you’ll receive a competitive salary, flexible hours, private medical & dental, and uncapped vacation. Most importantly though, you will receive the support of a talented, warm and welcoming family that shares your passion and enthusiasm for eSports and video games.

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