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Senior Software Engineer, Ad Services-Singapore

Senior Software Engineer, Ad Services-Singapore

Nov 11,2016

Job description

Quantcast seeks distributed systems experts and performance aficionados to join our Ad Services team.
This group of software engineers based in Singapore has a challenge of developing next generation of Quantcast’s Ad Services infrastructure, which will be serving hundreds of thousands of creatives and configuring many thousands real-time bidding nodes. Members of the team are passionate about designing, building and operating high-throughput distributed real-time systems, where two main factors are elasticity and scale.
An ideal candidate will be comfortable operating in an open, informal and startup-like culture, which values the best tool for the job over a specific language or technology experience. The candidate should possess and be able to demonstrate good knowledge of data structures, algorithms and systems fundamentals and has a proven track record in in designing and development of a large-scale distributed computing system. Experience with virtual server technologies is a big plus! .
While many companies have globally distributed infrastructures with high traffic demands, Quantcast may be the only one of these in which you will be expected to have your hands on the system of a very large scale, pushing mission-critical production code within a matter of weeks, combining cloud technologies with the physical server infrastructure.



Take full ownership of the development, and operation of a highly complex and globally distributed system to be scalable, reliable and highly available
Innovate with new designs and optimizations to enhance the performance of existing infrastructure
Rapidly troubleshoot the system and fix bugs where needed



BS degree or above in Computer Science or related field
Passionate about engineering work and engineering excellence
Expert in Python and Java
Proficient in using the relational database technologies, e.g. Postgres
Good understanding of networking protocols (HTTP, TCP/UDP/IP, etc.)
Understanding of Linux and running software systems on Linux, good command of shell script languages (e.g. bash)
Familiarity with and passion for designing large-scale distributed systems
Familiarity with operating software in production environment, preferably large-scale real-time systems.
Experience with design and delivery of distributed systems in virtual infrastructure environments / cloud services is an advantage

Quantcast helps create a more personalized digital world. We have built one of the world’s most sophisticated data-intelligence platforms, utilizing big data and machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in marketing and create more rewarding experiences across the digital landscape. Publishers use our insights to better understand audiences and how content resonates with consumers they want to attract and retain. Marketers utilize our understanding of online behavior and our predictive advertising capabilities to reach the customers likeliest to engage with their messages. Consumers see the results of our work in relevant stories and advertisements that create a personalized experience across all of their devices.
Quantcast was honored as a Glassdoor Best Place to Work in 2015 & 2016. To learn more, follow Quantcast on Glassdoor.

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