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Senior Production Manager - Dublin - Ireland

Senior Production Manager - Dublin - Ireland

Jan 21,2017

Key Responsibilities Of The Senior Production Manager
Ensure that production is to the highest possible standard compatible with cost constraints
Assist with the speedy resolution of operating problems
Responsible for stock counts, raw material ordering and receipt into stores with traceability documentation and QC checks
Prepare and implement an annual production and capacity plan
Plan production in a way that will maximise service levels, yields and efficiency with the minimum of waste while maintaining all food safety, quality and hygiene standards
Liaise with other managers and play a key role in planning and launching new products
Work closely with Product Development on the technical aspects of the products being launched
Review the options for new plant requirements, identify potential suppliers, recommend solutions with budgets and oversee installation and commissioning
Plan the level of maintenance required for the consistent effective running of production equipment
Ensure that the appropriate level of maintenance spares are in stock to minimise downtime
Understand the company’s budgeting and costing system and to play a key role in ensuring that margins are maintained
Negotiate prices so that costs are minimised and to ensure that suppliers only charge the agreed prices
Ensure that the production and warehouse facility is staffed with competent and properly trained personnel
Source and recruit staff in a cost effective manner that maximises the company’s output and promotes staff retention

The senior production manager will have experience within the food manufacturing industry and a degree within engineering or food process technology is preferrable. You will have leadership ability, the confidence to motivate and manage others by persuasiveness and good communication, be conscientiousness about deadlines and have the adaptability to take responsibility for a wide range of tasks.

You will have good engineering knowledge to help solve machinery problems and sufficient process experience to learn new technologies. The ability to contribute to the inner management team, the initiative to develop innovative solutions to problems and the determination to complete projects and implement change are required in this role.

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