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Senior Electrical Engineer - Dublin - Ireland

Senior Electrical Engineer - Dublin - Ireland

Aug 14,2017

The successful candidate will be responsible for delivering customised solutions for transmission and distribution systems. Adherence to strict deadlines will be a must.

Our project team based in Dublin provides professional services to clients in Ireland and overseas including:

-Substation design for systems from MV up to 400kV, detailing all primary plant and electrical clearances
-Creating project design intent documents and project specific design risk assessments with a strong understanding of health and safety requirements,
-Asset assessment and inspection services for high voltage equipment in Ireland and overseas.
-Design verification services for LV, MV and HV systems.
-Project supervision and management services for project delivery and execution.
-Project design and other services relating to overhead lines, cables and other transmission systems.
-Co-ordination of primary plant design with other disciplines and departments
-HV cable design/routing and cable rating calculations
-Earthing system design and studies in compliance with industry standards
-Interfacing with site personnel for installation works and resolving installation issues
Your duties will include, but shall not be limited to the following:

-Substation design
-Preparation of specifications
-Project management for schemes involving systems from medium voltage up to 400 kV. 

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