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Senior Backend Java Developer - Copenhagen - Denmark

Senior Backend Java Developer - Copenhagen - Denmark

Jun 22,2017

Schantz looking sharp senior developers who can design and develop future financial IT systems - to the Danish as well as foreign markets. Right now, our development team on multiple concurrent implementations of the Danish pension market, and we are starting to introduce our IT systems in particular Netherlands. Do you have insight and visibility in the world? Then read more here. 

Your playground You will be part of a professional environment where we involve employees widely throughout the development process, so you do not have to spend your entire working life in the same box (unless you feel like it). 

We expect you to challenge us and we will do our best to challenge you. You get to work with other specialists and nerds across professions in a life full of agile projects and great flexibility. The tasks are not tighter pre-defined than that you are within your team have the chance to drive them in the direction you think is right. Basically, we imagine that your tasks among other things, will consist of: 
You get to be part of the development team and with your high professional level, you will be helping to set the standard for the solution
You are involved in the entire development process from planning to commissioning
You must be able on their own to analyze different types of tasks and could argue that the solution is right
You must be able to work in close cooperation with customers and other stakeholders to ensure that the solution meets the customer's requirements and needs and ensure the business value expected by the customer
Take part in various sizes of agile development teams, where you will be in close dialogue with customers, partners and our own people
Designing and developing the basic foundations for our solutions and products

You are sharp competencies are the most important. But if you take the straight path to the goal, you're probably: 

A strong Java developer with minimum 5 years experience from larger standard frame systems with high system complexity and many project participants
Possessing a keen eye for performance and code that can be scaled on several levels
Experienced with what is happening technical (libraries, tools, standards, etc.)
A strong theorist but with solid practical experience - including within agile development methodologies and design patterns
Possess knowledge of pension and finance sector

Your personal At Schantz we are looking for people who are really good at their work, so it does not matter whether you've taken the classic career path, or if you are the "odd" only as long as you possess the right skills . The most important thing is that you in the degree motivated by what you do and that you want to be part of Schantz 'way of working. 

Professionally you must be able to recognize: 

Your computer science foundation is in place - probably you trained computer scientist, informatics engineering, cand.it or equivalent
Passionate and responsible about your code, so you always deliver a job you can be proud of
Able to work in a team and understand the value of participation and a good compromise
Good to fight for your views - and to get the right ideas spread and understood within the organization
Willing to fight for your views - and to get the right ideas spread and understood within the organization
Able to maintain control, but also not afraid to get "hands dirty" and participate in the development

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