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Quality Assurance Technician (evening shift)-Canada

Quality Assurance Technician (evening shift)-Canada

Aug 14,2017


1. Conduct the different electrical and mechanical tests required for the manufacturing of transformers:
- Routine tests required by the customer or the Product Engineering team.
- Tests and follow-up of prototypes in conjunction with the Engineering team.
- Some special tests.

2. Control the quality of the transformers on the production line:
- Conduct the final inspection of the finished products to make sure that they meet the customers’ and ABB’s requirements.
- Perform minor repairs.

3. Perform quality assurance (QA) control :
- Maintain QA control records.
- Perform administrative and technical, as per the instructions of the immediate supervisor.
- Conduct compatibility tests on raw materials, oil tests and recycled oil tests, when required.
- Collect and enter data using the information management system.
- Validate the operation of the test safety.

4. Monitor quality on different work station :
- Identify, document and recommend repairs.
- Issue nonconformity reports (NCRs) related to production problems and ensure that they are solved.
- Provide quality technical support to employees.
- Participate in the integration of the quality control into the production process and ensure compliance with the established methods and procedures.

5. Perform any other activity or work associated with the tasks, in accordance with the instructions of the supervisor or other person in authority.

- College diploma in electrodynamics, electromechanics or equivalent
- Ability to clearly communicate, both verbally and in writing, information to supervisors, suppliers and other members of the administrative staff
- Knowledge of common computer tools (MicroSoft)
- Cooperation spirit, sound judgment, initiative
- Availability for any training or development program related to the function
- Three (3) years or relevant experience in a similar position, or equivalent

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