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Network Engineer - UAE

Network Engineer - UAE

Jun 01,2017

Key Responsibilities
Participates in the installation, configuration and maintenance of network components.
Assists in configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting network routing, switching, and network Participating in installing and replacing optics or modules in routers as well as making final physical connections for new links between backbone devices or backbone & building devices.
Responds to security concerns and breaches promptly.
Assists in implementation of network security procedures and recommends improvements.
Schedules and performs firmware upgrades including the uploading, testing and validation of network equipment software.
Assists in designing and testing of new network security-related solutions to take advantage of emerging technology or changing requirement.
Qualification Required
Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Computer Science or any related field.
A certification in a relevant discipline from an accredited institution is a plus.
Experience Required
Minimum 3 years experience in IT support services role.
Technical Expertise requirements:
Medium expertise in Next Generation Firewall (Palo Alto Firewall)
Medium expertise in Aruba Network products kike, Aruba Networks Clearpass & Aruba Networks Airwaves
Medium expertise in Brocade Products like, Brocade Network Advisor (BNA), Brocade Edge & Distribution switches (ICX series), Brocade Data Centre Switches (VDX series), Brocade Load Balancer ( ADX series)
Medium expertise in BlueCat Network products like, BlueCat IPAM, DNS and DHCP

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