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Network Engineer - Ramstein-Miesenbach - Germany

Network Engineer - Ramstein-Miesenbach - Germany

Sep 21,2017


Camber is seeking a Network Engineer shall possess and maintain a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) in Routing and Switching. Manage, operate, and maintain the local physical networks including, but not limited to, Non-Secure Internet Protocol Network (NIPRNET), Secure Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNET), all Coalition and Exercise networks, commercial Internet, telephone systems (as required), Video Teleconferencing (VTC) systems, and the badge access system. The Candidate shall implement network upgrades, system software patching, and security compliance in accordance with Maintenance Task Orders, Information Assurance Vulnerability Management, Air Force Instructions, and local policies. The Candidate shall support SC with required analysis, design, and other acquisition activities related to the local networks. The Candidate shall perform field engineering activities in accordance with project or exercise plans and designs provided by SC, including but not limited to: Operate and maintain all local exercise networks and permanent party networks and systems. The Candidate shall also perform activities such as network monitoring (using available network monitoring tools), providing operating system and other software upgrades for network devices, and performing preventative and corrective maintenance on selected network equipment. The Candidate shall provide on-the-job training to military and civilian personnel in network operations and maintenance activities. Configure all switches and routers into nodes for monitoring and troubleshooting. Perform data captures of network traffic during exercises. Perform system configuration and start up configuration backups of all network equipment. Push out network-wide switch configuration changes. Perform network vulnerability scans. Compile and run compliance policy reports. Configure switches to direct all network traffic data to be captured in Net Flow. Perform daily network checks of key network switches and routers to include: physical equipment checks; configuration and installation of switches and routers on all networks in their proper rack location; proper labeling of all network equipment for easy identification and troubleshooting; inventory of switches and routers with Cisco Smartnet; keeping switches and routers up-to-date with latest IOS software to prevent vulnerabilities; troubleshooting all network equipment when connectivity is lost or not operating at full capacity; ensuring all aspects of switch capabilities are configured and operational (e.g., Multicast, Virtual Local Area Networks, Secure Shell); and configuration of all switches on all networks for uniformity and strong passwords. Maintain all fiber and copper cables in a uniform manner, including: labeling cable for identification and troubleshooting; running fiber between buildings to establish network connectivity for all devices on all networks; installing, maintaining, and repairing fiber patches and panels; troubleshooting fiber when network connectivity is lost, intermittent, or not optimal; terminating network cables used at all layers on all networks; and maintaining and installing network infrastructure for exercise and permanent party on all networks. Maintain a central management point of control for troubleshooting and monitoring encryption devices; maintain cut sheets with TACLANE configurations for troubleshooting; manage, maintain and operate all encryption devices on all networks; ensure all encryption keys are properly maintained, updated and disposed of in accordance with Communications Security requirements; and troubleshoot encryption devices when network connectivity is lost or when physical layer is not present. Prepare networks for exercises, including but not limited to: adding routes to and from participating partners on corresponding networks; testing networks and network capabilities prior to start of an event; performing data captures of network traffic flow for participants; and ensuring capability and data integrity exists for multiple simultaneous events. Configure and administer network devices; install, maintain and operate VTC Systems; install, maintain and operate audio/visual (A/V) requirements for exercise participants; troubleshoot A/V and VTC Systems; and optimize all A/V Systems in accordance with DISA and Joint Interoperability Test Command policies and procedures. Maintain firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems. Configure and implement approved PPS rules to support events and exercises. Monitor and troubleshoot applicable firewall rules to facilitate successful event execution. Coordinate with event planners, network management personnel, and end users to ensure firewall rules are functioning properly. Install and update system configurations based on applicable DoD, DISA (including STIG), and USAF security guidelines. Other duties as assigned.

Required Experience:

Must possess and maintain a CCNP in Routing and Switching. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Server Infrastructure, 10 years’ experience, DoD 8570.1 IAT Level II Certification required.

Desired Experience:

Familiar with CISCO ASA, CISCO UCS, OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, Microsoft Windows environment, UNIX, and Linux. Experience with Hyper convergence technology, VMWare, VDI zero client architecture, VTC technology. Familiar with layer 2 and layer 3 networking devices (switches/routers), software engineering principles and programming.

Desired Education and Experience:

A bachelor's degree plus 3 years of recent specialized experience, OR; An associate's degree plus 7 years of recent specialized experience, OR; A major certification plus 7 years of recent specialized experience, OR; 11 years of recent specialized experience.

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