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Network Engineer - Ottawa, ON - Canada

Network Engineer - Ottawa, ON - Canada

Jun 14,2017

The Network Engineer oversees the installation, configuration and maintenance of networked information systems. The Network Engineer maintains, troubleshoots and administers the use of the local area networks (LANs), the wide area networks (WANs). The Network Engineer implements network traffic and security monitoring software. 


• Develops, implements and maintains policies and procedures for network 
operations and systems management. 
• Recommends, schedules, and performs maintenance, upgrades and migrations. 
• Conducts research and provides IT solutions and recommendations to the Delivery 
team on emerging products, services, solutions, and standards. 
• Installs new hardware, systems, and software for networks. 
• Installs, configures, and maintains network services, equipment and devices. 
• Manages systems back-up and restore protocol. 
• Plans and supports network and computing infrastructure. 
• Monitors system performance and implements performance tuning. 
• Oversees software and network security and proactively undertakes routine 
preventative measures 
• Manages the WIFI infrastructure and software.
• Performs technical lead functions as well as work direction to junior team members 

Important responsibilities of this job are described above. They may be subject to change at any time due to reasonable accommodation or other reasons. 


• 5+ years of IT networking experience
• College Diploma in Computer Science or any related field
• In-depth knowledge of OSI network model, Ethernet and TCP/IP networking
• In-depth knowledge of various networking programs and languages
• Strong Analytical abilities and professional office experience

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