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Network Engineer (LAN/WAN) - Hamburg - Germany

Network Engineer (LAN/WAN) - Hamburg - Germany

Sep 12,2017

Job Description:

· Ability to work in a highly dynamic and complex Network Infrastructure.

· Proven experience with data networks including physical layer infrastructure, servers, LAN/WAN hardware, software, data transmission facilities and interconnecting devices.

· Good knowledge of basic networking and troubleshooting tools like nslookup, traceroute, ping, and packet capture tools etc.

· Proven knowledge and practical application of SNMP, Routing, and Switching.

· In-depth knowledge, not limited to understanding but troubleshooting, of TCP/IP Protocol suite, IP routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, RIP, EIGRP), Frame-Relay, OSI Model and Layered Troubleshooting, L2 Technologies

· Good working knowledge of Application layer protocols and functions such as FTP, DNS, SNMP, HTTP/HTTPS, Device authentication mechanisms, User Authentication Mechanisms, SMTP etc.

· Ability to co-ordinate and interact with various teams to arrive at a quick resolution.

· Ability to organize workload for effective implementation.

· Ability to interact effectively at all levels with sensitivity to cultural diversity Ability to adapt new product support as organization evolves.

· Train and mentor junior engineers and other members of the Network Operations department.

· Excellent verbal and written communication and customer interactive skills.

· Must be a team player.


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