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IT/ Network Technician - Doha - Qatar

IT/ Network Technician - Doha - Qatar

Jun 02,2017


- Designing and installing well-functioning wireless and cable networks, connections and cabling
- Performing troubleshooting to system failures and identify bottlenecks to ensure long term efficiency of network
- Testing and configuring software and maintain and repairing hardware and peripheral devices
- Providing assistance to other team members during installation of smart home products
- Finding the best solutions to minimize the number of connection on the network, as well as simplifying the final users experience
- Test and configure software and maintain and repair hardware and peripheral devices
- Evaluate network performance and find ways of improvement
- Organize and schedule upgrades and maintenance without deterring others from completing their own work
- Do regular data backups to protect the organization’s information
- Provide technical direction to co-workers on computer and network usage and offer comprehensive advice and instructions 
You will be working with a team of people assigned with a task of installing and connecting a variety of smart home products. Your task will be to provide assistance and insight into the networking required for the products to function. During your tasks you will receive help from other members, such as handymen or junior electricians, but will also provide them with assistance when necessary.


- Proven experience as network technician or relevant position (3+ years)
- Outstanding diagnostic, problem-solving and analytical skills
- Good knowledge of LAN/WAN networks, TCP/IP protocols and network technologies
- Hands-on experience with common software and hardware
- BSc/BA in computer science, computer engineering or relevant field is preffered
- Flexibility to work long shifts and overnight
- Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving ability
- Good communication skills
- Ability to work in a team

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