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Generalist Software Engineer- Burnaby - Canada

Generalist Software Engineer- Burnaby - Canada

Jan 06,2017

Job description

The EA Sports Mobile Team is a division of EA SPORTS which crafts high quality mobile games, focused on delivering high-quality, immersive experiences crafted to fit lifestyle of mobile gamers. EA Sports Mobile currently operates in Vancouver, British Columbia, Orlando, Florida, and Bucharest, Romania.

The Challenge Ahead

A Generalist Software Engineer is a critical part of the game creation process. You’ll be working on complex problems with designers, artists and other engineers in some or all of the development domains, including rendering, gameplay, audio, user interface, online, databases and tools.

What You’ll Accomplish As a Generalist Software Engineer
Design, maintain, implement, test and debug code.
Develop in a variety of game domains based on current project needs.
Create tools, features and engine components to required coding standards.
Profiling and optimizing software components of a game.
Author, review and approve technical plans and designs
Measurably improves process and best practices to achieve targets

Skills You’ll Bring To The Team

Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training and professional experience.
A minimum of 6 years’ experience working with C++ and various compilers (Visual C++, Clang, gcc)
Experience in object-oriented design and implementation.
Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices.
Understanding of memory management, multiple processor use, 64 bit processing, and runtime optimization.
Must have prior experience shipping a mobile or console game.

Additional Nice-to-Have’s

Experience with assembler (ARM, x86), scripting languages (Perl, Python, Lua) and C#.
Ability to test, debug, and extend other Software Engineer's code competently.
Expertise and experience in a core domain such as rendering, AI, audio, online, user interfaces, multi-processor systems, etc.
Strong math skills including trigonometry, calculus and linear algebra.
Experience in assisting in the career development of other engineers
Ability to anticipate risks and provide contingency solutions and timelines

Why We'll Love Working With You

Good verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to work in a dynamic and collaborative team environment.
Constantly innovate how to improve product quality as well as group productivity.
Excellent decision-making capabilities.
Ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, principles and solutions.
Demonstrates dependability and commitment to projects/tasks.

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