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Full Stack Developer - Copenhagen - Denmark

Full Stack Developer - Copenhagen - Denmark

May 29,2017

We offer

"20% time" - be the most innovative you can be and work on anything you’d like!
Continuously deliver software that you build, within days of development
Work with cool technologies such as MongoDB, .NET, Node.js, APIs, queues, webhooks, auto-scaling on Amazon
Language-agnosticism. Use the best tools for the job!
A key part of an exciting international growth journey
Opportunities to learn from the best and develop your career
Tools & Services


Sublime (or whatever you prefer), WebStorm, Visual Studio 2015 + Resharper

AWS: ECS, Lambda, SNS, SQS, S3, ELB, EC2, Cloudfront, CloudSearch, ECS and more

Gmail, Google calendar, Google Drive, etc.

Trello (for all project management, and a lot of other things)

Git, GitHub

Apigee (Api management)

Runscope, GhostInspector, BrowserStack

Analytics: Segment.com, chart.io, Amplitude, etc.

Teamcity, Travis-ci, Octopus Deploy, NewRelic, ELK


Languages: Javascript (SPAs, Node.js, frontend), Python, C# (.NET and .NET Core)

MongoDB, Redis, Redshift

AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation, SASS


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