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Full Stack Developer - Australia

Full Stack Developer - Australia

Jun 27,2017

About the role
Our Full Stack Web Devs understand the web and are unfazed by the rapidly evolving world of javascript frameworks and server-side technologies;  all while having a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and high quality standards.
As a member to a new and fledgling Digital Practice, this role will have a voice in both direction of the team, and in the formation of a techie community.
About you

You have 2-4 years experience as a developer.
You love building both simple and complex web applications in such a way that they are highly customizable and easily maintainable.
You translate designs, wireframes and requirements into modular and reusable UI components and data services.
You like to work in a team across different layers of the infrastructure.
You have a strong proficiency in JavaScript and related tools & technologies.
Thorough understanding of AngularJS, ReactJS, Redux, and/or other JS frameworks, and their core principles. While also having a strong understanding of object-oriented programming.
Familiarity with RESTful APIs and client development.
You have experience with SQL or NoSQL databases.
Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as OAuth 2.0.
Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
Familiarity with code coverage through TDD and JavaScript unit testing (ie Selenium)
Familiarity with continuous integration, deployment, and delivery supported by tools such as Jenkins and Octopus Deploy
Familiarity with distributed version control (ie: Git, Mercurial).
Strong affinity with UX design and best practices on visual design.
You are proud of your craft and have apps or sites to show us.
You have a desire to work with a new team to drive design thinking and the value of human-centred design into everything we do, and you are familiar and comfortable executing using agile methods like Scrum.
You are excited about the possibilities of merging your coding talent with established customer research, strategy, design, and analytics teams to create new ways for people to work.

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